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Especially Cats
ESPECIALLY CATS VETERINARY HOSITAL  Serving the San Franscisco Bay Area 1339 Taraval Street    San Francisco, CA  94116  Phone (415) 681-5553   FAX (415) 681-8409
Especially Cats was founded in 1983 as a feline-only practice in San Francisco. We understand that cats are a unique species. Cats are now the most popular pets - actually outnumbering dogs in the United States - and we pride ourselves on focusing only on their care. These incredible animals work themselves into our lives in powerful ways. We hope to lengthen and enhance the years that you can spend with your beloved cats. To help reach this goal, we focus on wellness care and preventative medicine through all life stages. We also work hard to establish more comprehensive and frequent elderly cat evaluations. Our hope is to intervene before health problems become too far advanced to treat, and we do all we can to increase the quality of life for our feline friends. Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital is a full-service cat clinic and wellness center comprised of a modern hospital, surgical unit, radiology department, on-site laboratory, and complete veterinary pharmacy. Our veterinarians and staff emphasize preventive care whenever possible to ensure a happy, healthy and long life for your feline companion.  We offer physical examination, cat vaccinations, parasite prevention, geriatric health care for older cats, feline dentistry, surgery, spay and neuter services, and nutritional counseling.  Our appointment times allow for detailed discussion of your cat's history in order to make the best decisions regarding their health.  In addition to any current issues, we strive to provide information on overall care to ensure that your cat lives the longest, happiest life possible.
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ADVANCED CARE FOR YOUR FELINE FRIENDS We hope you will value our cat-friendly environment and our professional expertise in feline medicine and surgery.  We look forward to working with you to provide your cat with the best possible care, and are committed to making each visit the best it can be. Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area. Home Services Wellness Care Meet Our Staff New Patients Contact Us

Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital Serving San Francisco Bay

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